Barrelli Gift Boxes



Moet Moet Moet Moet

What more does a girl need.

Did you know that Moet is pronounced with a hard "t" and not a silent "t" as is typical for most of the French language. You could pronounce Moet as mo-wet or even moh-et, but it's definitely not moh- way. 


Signature Box Inclusions:

  • Cote Noire Luxury Candle  - Champagne Rose  - 75 grm
  • Moet & Chandon Champagne - 
  • Take it Off - Makeup remover cloth - the best gift a girl could want.
  • Bramble & Hedge - Nougat Bar - Rasberry and Vanilla  - 150 gms
  • Signature Barrelli Gift Box
  • Complimentary Gift Card